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Wolf Willow Major Leroy 1M x

We purchased Major Leroy as a 3 year old from Erwin and Kathy Rosencrantz, White City, SK after we saw how easy fleshing he and his dam were. Leroy was used here until he was 10 years old, and he certainly will hold a place as being one of the best breeding sires we have used. He has also become a leading AI sire around the world. His sons were fast gaining and well muscled. There ultrasound data was some of the best each year his sons were tested. His daughters are moderate, thick, easy fleshing cows with good udders. Leroy will continue to be used in our herd for years to come.

Grant & Chris Alexander

Box 580, Weyburn, SK  S4H 2K7

Grant's Cell: 306-861-5504


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