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HC Melba Niam 67J x*

67J is a 3/4 sister to 98H who was one of our first donors here. She has been a consistent embryo producer, and she is very unique in that she has been flushed for over 6 years straight. As long as she had a two month rest between flushes, she continually produced excellent numbers of grade 1 embryos. She has been flushed to a wide variety of sires and we have seen good offspring for all of them. We have sold embryos to 6 countries from 67J. Bollum Family Shorthorns, Goodhue, MN purchased a flush in 67J which results in a herd sire and a donor female for them. John Hagie, Cyclone Trace Cattle Co, Clarion, IA has purchases several embryos from her as well. We have had several calves from her in our herd and they have all been excellent.

Grant & Chris Alexander

Box 580, Weyburn, SK  S4H 2K7

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