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HC FL Touchdown 123T ET x*

Owned with Shady Lane Shorthorns, Mortlach, SK

EPDs: CE: 1.5 BW: 1.4 WW: 14 YW: 22 Milk: 3

Touchdown was sold to LA Land and Cattle Co., Leduc, AB at 2 months of age and we watched him develop into an impressive herd sire. When he was named Canadian National Champion bull as well as Agribition Grand Champion, in 2009, we felt we needed to bring him back here as a herd sire. We purchased him in partnership with Shady Lane Shorthorns, Mortlack, SK. His first calves have been born easily and have excellent thickness and moderate frame. His first full calf crop arrived in 2011 and we could not be more pleased. Touchdown has even exceeded our expectations from him as a sire. He is a full sister to HC Lady Louisa 12T x, who is a new donor here.


Touchdown is super thick and has great style and muscle pattern and he has the best lower quarter we have seen in a Shorthorn bull. He also has great hair, feet and legs, and an incredibly good disposition. He is being marketed throughout Canada and USA by Genex through their Added Attractions program, as well as Cattlevisions and SEK Genetic Horizons and the owners. Semen in Canada is $35/ straw plus shipping and handling. In the US, it is priced at $30/ straw and $20/ certificate required. Touchdown semen is also available in Australia. Contact Carla Wiese-Smith at

Grant & Chris Alexander

Box 580, Weyburn, SK  S4H 2K7

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